Everest Base Camp Trek Distance

Everest Base Camp Trek Distance

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most iconic treks all over the world. Trekking in the Everest region is an unforgettable journey where you visit the monastery and make a memory that will be a lifetime. It is the most popular trekking in Nepal with mesmerizing views of the world’s highest mountain. The distance involves an adventurous walk of around 12km on average per day where you have to walk 4 to 6hours treks on a day. This Everest base camp trek takes much longer as you need to consider making it slow to properly acclimate. The approach towards the base camp trek will take longer days keeping proper acclimatization due to increasing altitude. This distance depends on the route you take on the trek to the base camp and which covers about 130km on average. This trek is for the ones who are nature lovers.

The distance might get affected according to your hiking schedule. It is for one who seeks to achieve a certain level of spirituality among them. The distance covered during the Everest Base Camp depends upon the route you want to take during this trek. You will have to be more gradual and more careful as the stunning snow-capped trail can turn out to be challenging. This will be your first experience trekking at a high altitude. The actual distance, you will be covering each day be about 15km which is a much more reasonable and achievable number. During the time of trekking at least we have to walk 3km per day. There is no doubt about the popularity of the Everest Base Camp trek.

This trek has always been rated among the top ten destinations for trekkers around the globe. This region is also one of the highest settlement areas of the world mainly inhabited by the Sherpa people. In all the trekking you will cover almost 130km round trip from Lukla. The trek starts from Lukla and ends also in Lukla or you can say the Gateway of the Everest region. An average person will feel the effects of the long and exhausting hike where you will walk at least 5km per hour. Trekking will experience a moderate as their stamina would comfortably cover 5 to 7hours in the mountains. It may not seem long to you but the rocky and steep terrain will slow you down. You will not be trekking at that pace because of the rocky terrain.

The trek distance from Kathmandu is not so far and you have previous trekking experience. The trekking distance covered will depend on physical strength and durability. The distance is very attainable for all people’s ages, shapes, and sizes. The mountain terrain covers this long distance to get to the base camp. The trails of the base camp are really rough, rocky, and steep which makes it challenging for the trekkers.  While doing the trekking in this base camp, you must have basic knowledge about trekking in the Himalayan part of Nepal.

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