Everest Base Camp Trek Best Time

Everest Base Camp Trek Best Time

Everest Base Camp Trek Best Time is one of the popular trekking routes in Nepal. The entire thing which includes natural beauty, mesmerizing view of the mountain, and landscape makes your journey more memorable. The weather is steady and tends to be very mild which makes your journey great. It is good for every trekker to know about the weather, temperature, and the best season for trekking on any route. Trekkers additionally ought to have significant involvement of height and very much kept up the gear.

Everest base camp is in the Himalayan part of Nepal so you never know when the weather change. So it is good to know about the best season for trekking on this route. This route is one of the more sought trekking destinations in the Everest region of Nepal. There are four seasoning for trekking in Nepal but autumn and spring is the best season for trekking in Nepal. At the perfect time, you will have amazing views of the mountain, dazzling river, beautiful landscape, and clear blue sky.  In different seasons you need to know different things while visiting or trekking in the EBC and here are some.

Spring season

In Nepal, the spring season falls from February to May which is considered one of the best seasons for trekking. The best month to visit the Everest trekking route is in the spring season. It is because the weather and temperature of this route are moderate and very much cozy for trekking. During this time, we will have an opportunity to see the wonderful view of the forest full of red rhododendron. The ideal weather comes at a price as the route during this time. During this trekking time, it offers breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. If you are seeking the best weather a condition that is a trade-off you may be prepared to make. It provides a clear and undisturbed view of beautiful mountains.

Autumn season

Not only in the Everest region, is autumn season another best season for trekking all over Nepal. This season falls from September to October. It is the main season when the Everest region sees a surge of trekkers and visitors trekking to the Everest base camp. This trekking route is neither warmer during the day nor not freezing cold at night during the winter season. Among the trekkers as it provides splendid views with less heat haze and clouds. The weather and temperature of this time are stable and perfect for trekking. During this season is quite moderate and tolerable temperature in the high Himalayan land.

Winter season

The winter season falls from November to January. This period can be best described as being very cold but still able to have trekked. It is entirely possible to trek the classic route to this base camp in these months. Winter is off-season for trekking on this route even though you can trek. You will have an opportunity to see the snow everywhere on the route this season. Temperature can get extremely cold so you need to be well prepared for freezing conditions. It is very risky to trek during this time. If you visit in the winter then you can’t capture any of these on your camera because the days are very short in the winter season. This is the best season to go to the Himalayas which may be difficult for some who are adventure-seeking trekkers.

Monsoon season

This season falls from June to August. This season can be quite challenging. It does rain every day and the routes are muddy and plagued with mountains often dense with clouds. It is doable at any time throughout the year. Trekking in this season can be fine because the higher you go in high altitude. This is not ideal for traveling to this Annapurna base camp trek. The route can lead to landslides on the trail being muddy just because of rain and raincloud can unclear the mountain views. If you are a green lover then this season is best for greenery because the atmosphere will be green. The trek will be wet and you won’t even be able to get any great pictures of the beautiful mountain peak.

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